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North West Gateway

Killybegs Harbour Centre is located in County Donegal , on the North West coast of Ireland . Its position, at the tip of a deep fjord-like inlet, makes it one of the safest, most sheltered, deep-water harbours on the Irish coast.

Old Harbour

It is believed that Killybegs took its name, in early Christian times, from a group of monastic cells Na Cealla Beaga. Records show that, from the seventeenth century onwards, Killybegs continued to grow into a prominent market and seaport town.

New Ambitions

Killybegs remains a prominent force in Europe's marine seascape today, and has long been acknowledged as Ireland 's leading fishing port. Building on this tradition and in response to the needs of the port community, the new Killybegs Harbour Centre was opened for business in May 2004. Plans were unveiled to develop the port as a general cargo facility operating in harmony with the already successful fishing harbour.

Killybegs Harbour Centre, Killybegs, Co. Donegal

Lárionad Chuan Na gCealla Beaga, Na Cealla Beaga, Co. Dhún Na nGall
Tel: +353 74 97 31032 :: Fax: +353 74 97 31840


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